An 8-week Career Coaching Program Designed To Help Aspiring Women Find Alignment With Their Purpose And Dream Career



As soon as you sign up, you will receive a questionnaire via email. By completing this form, we will take a dig deep in your career goals which allows me to start building the foundation for our strategy call customized action plan.


A deep dive session of your career status and how you envision your dream career. The focus is to understand what and why it has been holding you back as this will be the foundation to create your action plan to your career success.


Your 60-day customized action plan will be built based on our strategy call together. This plan outlines the actions you need to take, while helping you stay on track, and holding you accountable as you progress through the program.


The purpose of the weekly coaching calls is to teach and guide you on weekly discussed topics. I will provide you with my know-hows, tips, and tricks to ensure you are well-equipped as you progress through the program to your career success.



I want to ensure you get the most out of the program which is why I will do my part to check in with you weekly. I am also be available for support 24/5 via email/text/video calls.



All good things do come to an end, however your career growth and learning will continue to soar. Before the program ends, you would receive a post action plan, however if you want further guidance, I do provide maintenance support at a preferred rate.

  • An aspiring woman who wants a career (not just another soul-sucking job).

  • In a rut and want a fulfilling career that aligns with your purpose.

  • Ready to rebuild your personal branding and show up confidently in front

of future employers.

  • Ready to step outside your comfort zone and level up your career.

  • Ready to take action serious and want to feel excited about your career

and future again.

If this sounds like you, then you are in the right place!

YOU are in the driver seat of your career!

Only you can make the decision to take back control and steer it in the direction that will lead to your destination.

…and in case you need another reminder


There is no right or wrong decision.

The only one decision is for YOU to take action to land your dream career.

My career in Human Resources started during my undergrad and like most people, I felt that I was supposed to land a job in the field of my study.

… BUT I didn’t have a conventional career path like others.

For the longest time, I felt defeated, overwhelmed, and tired of playing it safe

…which led to countless career pivots where I jumped from job to job in hope to gain more clarity.

I've concluded that I didn’t have a strategy or better yet, a roadmap to my career success as I was convinced that if I found another job, I will get excited about my career again.



I realized that I didn’t just want another job...

"I needed a career roadmap outlining the exact steps to land my dream career."

It wasn't until recently when I finally worked up the courage, stepped outside of my comfort zone and went after my dream career.

For once, I felt excited about my career again as I was in control.

Since then, I've helped many aspiring women get unstuck, rebuild and reshape their personal branding through my 1:1 Career Coaching program.

Now I'm taking it to the next step where I will help YOU build your roadmap to career success.

The feeling of having a fulfilled career that aligns up with my purpose is phenomenal

...and I want the same for you!

I’m excited to share the exact framework to help you map out your path to successfully landing the career that you’ve been dreaming about.

"Working with Linda is one of the BEST decisions I have ever made for myself and for my career. I wish I had started working with her YEARS ago! The tools she has taught me has instilled confidence in my approach to resume building, job searching and interviewing. She has been so patient, kind and generous with her time and knowledge. She makes overwhelming tasks somehow seem bite sized and sets her clients up for success.This experience has been more transformative than I could have hoped for. I have recommended her to all of my family and friends who are in need of career guidance. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Linda and I will not hesitate to book more sessions in the future."

- Quinn M., Associate Producer

"Linda is a fantastic career coach who goes the extra mile to look into tiny details that will help elevate your application for any organization. She helped me review my resume and highlighted things I would have not considered otherwise. The recommended changes were very useful and helpful in creating a polished resume. I highly recommend Linda for anyone looking to update your resume or cover letter or to even guide you on job application techniques and tricks of the trade."

- Vinoba K., Sr Marketing, Brand & Advertising Professional

"Working with Linda has helped me gain knowledge about improving my job search, interviewing and networking skills as well as my LinkedIn profile, resume, cover letter and salary negotiation. She is a pleasure to work with, as she is tremendously patient and encouraging. I recommend Linda for anyone looking to upgrade their skills in any of the fields mentioned above. Thank you for everything, Linda!"

- Rachel P., UX Designer

"Working with Linda is the best career decision I made in 2022! I wanted to switch career paths and was having difficulties narrowing down an industry that aligned with my interests, passion, experience and skill set. Linda helped me identify my transferable skills and narrow down the industries where my key experiences would help me stand out. She also helped me revamp and optimise my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to align with my new chosen career path. I highly recommend Linda to anyone looking to land their dream jobs this year!"

- Chioma I., Social Media Marketing & Digital Content Strategist


Finally stepping into a career where you are confident of the values you bring, know that your career goals align with your purpose, and feel fulfilled as you continue to make an impact in your dream career.


  • Complete a quick questionnaire to see if Your Roadmap to Career Success is right for you.
  • From there, you will secure a FREE Career Assessment Call where I will learn more about your career goals and see if I'm the right Career Coach for you.
  • While waiting for our call, have a quick browse through my website and jot down questions you may have for me.

  • INITIAL QUESTIONNAIRE »Your journey begins here. Once you dig deep and become brutally honest with yourself when completing this questionnaire. At the same time, this will allow you to see the status of your career and where you will be once you complete Your Roadmap to Career Success. [VALUE $249]

  • 1:1 60-MINUTE STRATEGY CALL » This 60-minute session will allow us to address your concerns outlined in the completed questionnaire. As your person ‘Career Cheerleader’, I want to know exactly your struggles and how we can combat it together by building a customized career roadmap that works. [VALUE $549]

  • 60-DAY CUSTOMIZED ACTION PLAN » This plan is designed specifically for you to set you for success from the get-go as we progress through weekly topics over 8 weeks. This plan will serve as your guide to hold you accountable to get the work done. [VALUE $1249]

  • 1:1 WEEKLY CAREER COACHING CALLS » At each of our sessions together, I will coach and guide you on effective strategies during your one-on-one as we cover weekly topics such as resume building and effective job search strategies. [VALUE $1997]

  • ACCOUNTABILITY WEEKLY CHECK-IN & SUPPORT » You will NOT do this alone. Period. Over the course of the program, I will be available to support you with any assigned work or if you have questions, know that I have your back. [VALUE $997]

  • POST ACTION PLAN (OPTIONAL MAINTENANCE CALLS) » Although all good things must come to an end, your career growth and learning will continue to soar since being stagnant isn’t an option. A week before the program ends, you would receive a post action plan, however if you interested in receiving further guidance, I do provide maintenance calls at a preferred rate. [VALUE $249]


Week 1 » Define Your Purpose And Alignment With Your Dream Career

Week 2 » The Importance Of Resume Building & Crafting A Compelling Cover Letter

Week 3 » The Power Of Leveraging Your LinkedIn Profile In Today's Digital World

Week 4 » Effective Strategies To Level Up Your Job Search

Week 5 » What It Takes To Ace Your Next Interview

Week 6 » Now It's Your Turn: Mock Interview Session

Week 7 » How To Determine If Your Job Offer Is Competitive Or Not

Week 8 » Now It's Your Turn: Mock Salary Negotiation Session


$430.39 USD



$1497.00 USD




Q: What is the Your Road To Career Success Program?

An 8-week Career Coaching Program designed to help aspiring women find alignment with their purpose and dream career

Whether you are feeling stuck and want to move forward or want to make a pivot but are not sure how, this 8-week program covers weekly career topics in addition to the 1:1 30-min coaching call. Each time the assigned work is complete I will review it and provide recommendations.

For instance, the week of "The Importance Of Resume Building & Crafting A Compelling Cover Letter", you will also learn to hone the skills of writing your own resume and cover letter moving forward. I will then provide you feedback where I feel is applicable to reaching your career goals. There ware also tons of tools, resources and support to guide you as you progress through the program.

By the end, you will have a roadmap to your career success where you will confidently step into your new career.

Q: What areas will you be covering during this 8-week program?

From resume building to interview tactics (and everything else in between, of course) all in which helping you find alignment with your career and purpose. In each 1:1 30-minute weekly coaching call, I will teach, guide, and support every step to ensure you are reaching your full potential as you progress in this program.

Q: Who is this program for?

This program is designed for women who want to get unstuck from their career and want to move forward to a fulfilling career, but are unclear of next steps.

If you are willing to roll up their sleeves, put in the hard work and make things happen, I promise that you will get results.

In other words, I'm willing to meet you halfway and support you along this 8-week program as long as you are willing to show up for yourself (and do the work, of course) and as your personal 'Career Cheerleader', support you all the way to the finish line.

Q: I haven’t worked with a Career Coach before, so how do I know if it’s worth it?

Absolutely! If you are unclear of the next step in your career, then this is the best investment you can give yourself, as we will partner up and build a customized roadmap to career success, designed specifically for you.

As you progress through the program, I will do my part to support, guide, and hold you accountable to ensure you complete your end of the work. I will become your personal 'Career Cheerleader' to motivate, encourage, and provide you all the tools/resources to become successful.

Q: How can I reach you if I need support?

Aside from the weekly coaching calls, I’m available 24/5 via email, text, and video calls. If you have any questions during the duration of this program, I will be there to help and guide you 100% of your journey.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, because I want to ensure that this initial investment isn’t holding you back from landing your dream career. The payment plan is divided over 2 payments.

Q: What happens after I complete the program?

One week before you complete Your Roadmap to Career Success, I will make provide you with a post action plan where your career growth and learning will continue to soar. If there one thing I learn from my career is never stop growing and stay stagnant.

If you need additional support, I'm always happy to help as I do provide maintenance calls/texts/emails at a preferred rate.

Q: What if I have more questions?

Great! Send your questions to